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hello. we're lost in 2084 and this is the only way we can send messages back to the past. pls read them below x

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We created this in the middle of lockdown when things were getting very weird. We did it completely on our own. We had so much fun making it — we both learnt to edit, create costumes, visuals, graphics, scripts and characters. We’re so so proud we made it a reality. Who... Read More


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Have you tried the ⭐️ Fab Fitness Workout ⭐️ by Futuretape yet? It’s…⁣⁣ 🄽 NO IMPACT⁣ 🄰 ABS-OLUTLEY USELESS⁣ 🄵 FABULOUS⁣ 🄵 FOR LOSERS⁣⁣⁣⁣! Do it 3 times a day, every day for abs-olutely NO results!⁣ We were inspired to cover Heaven is a Place on Earth because we’ve heard... Read More

transmission #3 “MUSIC VIDEO OUT NOW”

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Futuretape release music video for debut single ‘Look At Me Now’. Today we released our debut music video to the internet! We had so much fun making it at 4am in central London during pride week. We really just wanted to show off how stupid and actually how cool we... Read More

transmission #2 “LOOK AT ME NOW / OUT NOW”

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Futuretape share their debut single ‘Look At Me Now’. We did it. We wrote a new song during our time here! It’s called ‘Look At Me Now’. We managed to find a computer capable of sending MP3’s back to the past so its available everywhere. Technology is SO new here.... Read More

transmission #1 “WE ARRIVED”

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hello. we’re lost and alone it’s 2084 and just ¿where have all the human beings gone? we’re not quite sure where we came from but we know that we’re far away from home technology reached a dead end and we had to start over ¿does anyone know where we can find a party around here? i can here something coming form the sky connection is breaking . ____ . .. talk 2 u soon . ..__. . .. . <3

"shut up becky, nobody wants to play!!!"