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Content Starts transmission #2 “LOOK AT ME NOW / OUT NOW”

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Futuretape share their debut single ‘Look At Me Now’.


We did it. We wrote a new song during our time here! It’s called ‘Look At Me Now’. We managed to find a computer capable of sending MP3’s back to the past so its available everywhere. Technology is SO new here. Nothing is backwards compatible. It took ages to upload.

We’re kind of enjoying it here in the future of 2084. The neon signs are so pretty. You wouldn’t believe it but adverts are holograms just like the ones you see on Blade Runner.

Anyway we’re getting distracted by the lights again. We will sign off now… you know they said we couldn’t make it here and that we had our head in the clouds… well hey, wont you look at us now.


This song kickstarted our Futuretape journey in the summer of our first year of university. We hadn’t planned to form a duo, it just happened from all the times we sat down at a computer and experimented with sounds and words.

It’s about not feeling a part of something, about wanting something else for yourself and the reaction of friends and lovers who don’t understand why you want that. It’s also about being proud and about how hard you have to try to live your best life, especially as a queer person.

All we really know for sure is that we’re just losers at heart. So come join us, this rocket is ready to depart 🚀⭐️💜

STREAM IT and watch our lyric video:

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